• Dynamic Packaging System

    Multi-faceted businesses now have a way to book online!

    - Book pre-defined packages
    - Clients can design their own package with accomodation, tours, spa treatments and dining experiences
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    Dynamic Packaging System
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    - Suits accommodation, tours, charters, spas and schools ...
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    - 1,000,000+ bookings processed
    - $250,000,000+ revenue for clients

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    - Instant delivery via email!
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Online Booking & Reservations System

Accommodation, Tours, Day Spa & Gift Vouchers

The right booking system for your business!

netbookings has been designed with the business owner in mind and has modules to suit tourism sectors such as: tour and charter operators, B&B's, small hotels, day spas & retreats and many other leisure based operations. Each module is specialised to a task or group of tasks that require different methods of booking or display. Choose from accommodation, tours, day spa, gift vouchers and online retail shop modules. If you have a business that provides many different types of services then netbookings is probably the solution you have been looking for.

Netbookings unique approach

Netbookings’ main goal in our online application is to streamline the interaction between customers and the booking system. Our development of this product began with the viewpoint of the customer, specifically to understand what he or she is thinking about when making a booking. With this approach as our basis, we then designed and developed an interface which flows the way a customer’s thoughts would flow when making a booking, highlighting the key information that is important to them. This approach to online booking software reduces anxiety and increases focus on trip planning, letting them look forward to the experience before they begin the journey.

We believe that an online booking system should be streamlined for the customers, first and foremost. That is also true for back end users and business owners. This approach reduces the time to set up and become familiar with our product options. At the same time, we have designed data reports and summaries to let the business owner or manager focus on the business itself, rather than the technical details of its operation.

Local support - helpful, friendly expertise!

Australian designed, hosted and engineered, speak to the people who created the system. Our friendly staff offer tailored solutions to make your day easier to manage your business. We are often asked, "Can it do ...?", our reply is, "probably, if it can not then we can make some changes to make netbookings do what you want".

When we speak to clients we understand the need to address their paricular requirements and that may mean putting ourselves in their shoes for an hour or a day or two. Sometimes we go onsite to the businesses and watch the processes in which they either deal with clients or how their staff perform their duites and then come up ways to make it easier for all parties.

An example of this is: A client called and asked "Can you make the Tour Calendar show 3 months ahead on entry and sometimes I only want to show one type of tour?". At that point in time we could not show 3 months ahead in one screen as it defaults to one month, but within 24hrs a change was made and the client now shows all or a selection of tours that are scheduled for the next 90 days.

How netbookings works

How the netbookings reservation software works

Grow your business by integrating your web site, booking agents and their web sites, your staff and daily reports to measure your marketing efforts. Our online booking and reservation software offers businesses many solutions to daily challenges and tasks.

"I needed a professional web site with a fully integrated business management system that gives me powerful reports each morning on my phone. Netbookings was able to get this all going for me after trying other booking system suppliers!"

Alisha - Horseback Winery Tours

horseback Winery Tours

Stay ahead!

Our system offers your business the latest in online bookings technology by integrating social media, e-commerce, customer relations and business management reporting.

  • Take bookings 24x7 from your web site, facebook, agents and channels
  • Receive an SMS confirmaton for each online booking
  • Receive answers to questions supplied by your clients
  • Keep it simple or use the power of the netbookings advanced setups
  • Receive money directly into your bank account
  • Report on your business marketing efforts

Free regular enhancements

netbookings is continually being evolved by our engineers in consultation with tourism operators to ensure it is easy to use while helping the business to be more efficient and giving staff more time to tend to clients needs.

Track Record!

netbookings has been operating since 1998 and has helped many businesses grow and we have also helped some win Tourism Awards such as:

  • Chocolate Gannets - Best New Tourism Development in Victoria 2003.
  • Bayplay - Winner of Adventure Tourism in Victoria 2005, 2006 and Hall Fame 2007.
  • Peninsula Hot Springs - Winner of Health & Wellness Tourism in Victoria 2010, 2011 and Hall of Fame 2012.

"We trust and rely on netbookings as our online provider for our multi faceted business. The company always listens to our needs and tailors the system to be in lines with the needs of the industry. We have had a great working relationship for over 10 years , since the infancy of netbookings and have watched it grow as we have."

Amanda - Bayplay & Beyond

Bayplay & Beyond
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